Epic battle with mythological heroes!

GriffinLand is a blockchain-based Play to Earn PvP and PvE battle game, inspired by mythological characters. There are 6400 NFTs in GriffinLand, consisting of 4 different characters and different rarities.

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Where Are You In This Legendary Story?

Long time ago, there were huge creatures in some places of the world. They spreaded fear and gave courage to humanity at the same time. They were the subject of many religious cults. Some of them were symbolizing power and wisdom, some of them were symbolizing wealth and abundance and some were the sign of evil, darkness and deaths.


It was inevitable that the minotaur, who continued his familys business and was very successful doing that, would be chosen.Since his childhood, he was ostracized among his siblings and whatever he did was considered sufficient. His familys attitude had turned him into an angry and rude, unintelligible person. Being the youngest among his siblings, he was always the one who is waiting for his turn.

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There was a pretty quite village near to Mediterranean sea coasts. It was with full of fresh air, fertile lands and you could feel the sea breeze that makes people living there relaxed although it was a highland. When epidemic had spreaded its village it felt chagrined. Many people died because of this disease and rest had fear in their eyes with no happiness and hope. Moreover the climate had changed clearly and many people who were working in the lands died so farmlands became useless.

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She was the oldest one of her sisters. She felt relaxed whenher marriage ended up with her husbands death since she had never had a good relationship with him. She wasn't interested in being a wife of someone but it was a big problem for her family and the society she lived in. Her family was thinking she was unstoppable so they were assuming she had lived many problems because of this. In her view, her sisters was not trying to understand her and her family was limitting her ideas.

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Living with his father outside the city, Valkyrie was an orphan who helped his father with his business before she acquired his powers. The two of them were happy with the life they lived together and had no problems with anyone, all the villagers loved them very much and they felt sorry for the father and daughter who seemed quite lonely from afar. Valkyrie didn't mind people looking at them pityingly. She was a very strong and resourceful girl who had helped his father while growing up as an only child.

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Own your hero on Griffin Art marketplace and join the battle.

PvP Mode

In Griffinland, players can team up with their friends and fight together, while completing fairly easy tasks and earning big profits. They can join leagues in two different categories as a team or individually and compete for the grand prize.

PvE Mode

Players move around the map to hunt for chests and creatures. The goal is to discover as many creatures as possible and win prizes in the chest. The reward in the chest can be used to strengthen the character, upgraded and sold as NFT on the Griffinland Marketplace.


There are leagues in two separate categories, individual and team. Players are ranked according to the battles they have won and lost in the leagues they have participated in. Leagues end in one month, and at the end of a month, successful teams and players share great prizes. Players can start from the bronze league and advance to the silver league, and then to the gold league, according to their success rankings.



1,000,000,000 Total Supply

  • 33% Game Economy & Burning
  • 5% Marketing
  • 7% Game Development
  • 10% Staking & Farming & Airdrops
  • 5% Team
  • 5% Exchange Liquidity
  • 13% Liquidity
  • 15% Presale
  • 15% Private Sale

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We are working 7/24 with more than 30 people who dedicated to this project to make it better and better.






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